Emile Milgrim is the proud owner of Miami’s Other Electricities label, founded back in 2006. OE have released records from artists all over the shant with their electrons/protons hailing from the likes of Spain, Russia, Norway, South Africa and even our fair United Kingdom with the sublime Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love. Their musical wanderlust stretches so far in fact that only after six years of genre-hopping individualism have they added a Miamian outfit to their roster; the mighty Holly Hunt – a dooming droning instru-metal duo who could paint their (sometimes) Red State black.

With a catalogue that spans electronic, Indie, Doom, Pop and Ambient/Noise, I was pretty curious to learn what eclectic classics may lie within her Favourite Five…

 The Field by Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love

Favourite album of all time.

Cocteau Twins – Four Calendar Café.

It was the first Cocteau Twins album I heard and still my favorite to this day. All their material is excellent, but at 18, right out of high school, Four Calendar Café was my first experience hearing music like that. It stuck with me.

Favourite gig of all time.

Antony & The Johnsons with the Oregon Symphony, TBA Festival 2008, Portland, OR.

I pretty much cried through the entire thing – it was that beautiful. Well, I suppose I didn’t cry during the Beyonce cover… They debuted some pieces from The Crying Light that night, and it was special hearing them for the first time as symphonic renditions.

Favourite Songwriter of all time.

Jason Molina.

So much so, I’m getting a line from “Captain Badass” (off Axxess & Ace, 1999) tattooed on my arm for my 30th birthday. My friends keep telling me I should just get the words “Captain Badass” as the tattoo, but I just can’t see that on my 60-year-old self in the future.

Favourite Saturday night record.

Jens Lekman – Night Falls Over Kortedala.

First off, it’s one of the most fun, catchy pop albums ever made. Second, the songwriting is nothing short of brilliant. For me, this is Lekman’s opus. I can’t help but dance like a fool and sing along every time this record’s on. “Your Arms Around Me” is my jam!

Favourite Sunday morning record.

Abner Jay – Last Ole Minstrel Man.

This is my every morning record. It’s become an essential daily listen since I first heard it. I recently secured a vinyl copy while visiting Mississippi Records (I thought they were long sold out and only available in Ebay/Discogs land). Mississippi released a nice chunk of Jay’s material between 2009 and 2011, and the world is better for it. Something about “My Middle Name is the Blues” gets me every time.

You can learn more about Other Electricities and their worldly roster here.

By Jamie Hallaman

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