We quite often deviate away from strictly talking to bands, and catch up with some other indsutry-related folks. Today it’s the turn of Jamie Halliday, the man behind Audio Antihero Records, a small DIY label that has put out the likes of Nosferatu D2, Benjamin Shaw and Jack Hayter.

He took time out from writing his new blog to talk us through his Favourite Five...

Favourite album of all time

Ah, come on Broski! I know I asked you to let me do this thing but who honestly has a definite all-time favourite album? Justin Bieber fans, that’s who. There are too many songs, styles and sounds and…I’m just going to say ‘Face Value’ by Phil Collins. It isn’t quite true, but it’s close enough. I’ve got your back, Phil – but is it mutual?

Favourite gig of all time

Faith No More, man…Faith No More at Brixton Academy in 2009. I had long considered FNM to be “the greatest Rock band of all time” but I had also long abandoned any hope of seeing them live. Even with the reformation announced, even when I was waiting in the audience, I still didn’t think the battle was won…would they show up? Would Mike Patton be there? I entertained the notion that Chuck Mosley would be fronting them…or worse, Courtney Love…or maybe even just be a hologram of their 1990 performance, overdubbed with maniacal laughter and Red Hot Chilli Peppers instrumentals. I really did not know.

But they were there. They played. And nothing was ever the same again. Greatest show I’ve ever seen. People who dismiss reunion shows are the same people who burned crosses. There, I said it.

Favourite Songwriter

Neil Young, I think. That guy can make me weep even when I don’t know what he’s talking about, which is quite a lot of the time. This is a lyric of his that struck me quite recently:

“I guess I need that city life,

It sure has lots of style.

But pretty soon it wears me out,

And I have to think to smile.”

It probably isn’t one of his strongest statements but it certainly made me think. Anyway, he definitely writes the world’s best Nearly-Ten-Minute-Songs…I’ve proven that, I’m the undisputed champion of proving that.

Favourite Saturday night record

Saturday night, man. It isn’t all George McCrae and Sugar Hill Gang for everybody, you know? Some of us endure great misery and sadness on the week’s most anticipated eve. With that in mind, I’m going to go for ‘The Queen Is Dead’ by The Smiths, not my favourite Smiths album (poorly produced self-titled, if you please) but its summed up many a Saturday for me:

“If you’re so funny,

Then why are you on your own tonight?

And if you’re so clever,

Then why are you on your own tonight?

If you’re so very entertaining,

Then why are you on your own tonight?

If you’re so very good-looking,

Why do you sleep alone tonight?

I know…

‘Cause tonight is just like any other night

That’s why you’re on your own tonight.”

Except I have a girlfriend now. Ha.

Favourite Sunday morning record

Can I pick a song? I’ve heard horrible middle-aged men refer to individual songs as “a great record,” so that’s okay, right? Great, thanks Tom – you’re a pal!

I choose “In Love” by Fear Of Pop featuring William Shatner. Seriously, it’s my favourite song of all time. So much hope and hopelessness combined. I’ve read this song so many ways. Every Sunday, it’s a reflection and it’s a warning. If you think this is sheer novelty or complain that “’ERE, E’S JARST TAWKINNN’!” then your mind is as closed as the Space Shuttle Program allegedly is and there is literally nothing I can do for you.

You painted me into what you wanted to see…that’s fine.

But you will never know me.

William Shatner is more interesting than any of us. Take that to the bank, rocket man.



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