Guns ~ I Know Exactly How It Feels


by tom johnson

While it’s easy, especially given the lack of solid information floating around, to label Guns as the next in line to and Anna of the North’s royal scandi-pop lineage, there’s certainly a subtle sway to the new track from Copenhagen’s Guns which feels resolutely her own thing. There are shades of the two aforementioned artists, of course; that swooning vocal which shimmers with magic, those beautifully dimmed beats that provide the skeletal framework to it all, but there’s a strength-in-depth here that can’t be ignored and, in fact, digs its heels in from that first softened intro until long after the track’s conclusion.

Bold and immediate but armed with a constant hint of spectral mystique that Scandinavians carry in their very bones, the track is an exquisite moment of radiant pop music that singles out Guns as one of 2016 great hopes. Expect a whole lot more; check out the new song below.

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