Released this coming Monday, Family Portrait is the tenth release from the ever-brilliant Art Is Hard record label. A split seven-inch featuring four of the countries most promising young bands was always going to hold some interest, but the release is already one of our favourites of the year.

Kicking things off is Cherryade by Gum; a hypnotic and muddy track which sounds something like The Pains Of Being Heart playing under water. The sweet vocals juxtaposed with the driving, sludgy guitars is a treat from start to finish. Up next is the wonderful Playlounge, with Conor, Oh Burst, a track which described quite accurately as “eighty-five seconds of glorious noise” when we made it our track of the day at the start of the month.

We also made Joanna Gruesome our track of the day when the brilliantly dirty and gritty  Sweater dropped last month. Quite how something so raw and unpolished can still sound so thrilling, and instantly nostalgic, we’re not really sure. But it does. The 7″ is closed out by the DIY-darling KEEL HER. It’s often difficult to keep up with her output, but it’s always worth the effort. Norman is no exception. The track glides along on a heady, driving guitar line and is interspersed with raw, longing vocals that bring a sense of skill and measure to the whole thing.

GoldFlakePaint is very pleased to bring you an exclusive pre-release stream of the whole EP. You can listen to it below and you can buy the 7″ from the AIH Bandcamp page here.

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