As we may have mentioned a couple of times, today is our 3rd Birthday. This means two things; cake, and a great excuse to ask favours of our favourite people. We don’t need to tell you anything about 4AD, because if you’re here then you already know. Probably the finest label on the planet, everything they put out isn’t just good, it’s life-changingly brilliant. Which sounds like a rather hyperbolic statement to make, but I could genuinely plot the most important years of my life via their back catalogue.

So, rather sheepishly, we asked them for a birthday gift and they duly obliged. This beautiful Jason Lytle (of Grandaddy fame) remix of Indians’ brilliant I Am Haunted has been available to stream, but you’ve never been able to get your hands on it until now. Yep, it’s a free download and you can help yourself to it below:

Indian | I Am Haunted (Jason Lytle remix)





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