new music:

Eve Adams

“La Ronde”


words by tom johnson

“What a great metaphor that is for us all; in order to travel to a new place, you have to travel lightly, and you have to surrender to fate,” Eve Adams says, immediately setting the backdrop within which her striking new album, Metal Bird, comes to life. Across its 10 tracks – released in full early next year – Adams concocts a mysterious, magical aura, shaped by the strange imagery of air travel, sumptuous 1930s balladry, and a healthy dose of film noir aesthetic, all of which presents what’s labelled as a “coming-of-age voyage to hell and back”.

Recorded with saxophonist and producer Bryce Cloghesy of art-punk collective Crack Cloud, who brings an enthralling outsider’s edge to the work here, Metal Bird is released via the excellent Basin Rock label in January of 2022 – with a Dinked edition tied in.

The album is announced today alongside the sharing of lead track La Ronde; a beautiful three-and-a-half minutes that feels completely mesmerising in the eeriness of both its mood and presentation. A student of film and photography, Adams self-directed the striking video here, as well as designing the rich artwork that accompanies the full release.

As for the song itself, ‘La Ronde’ feels balletic and decidedly enigmatic, like the tunnel vision of a dream where you can only see what’s directly in front of you. The subtle instrumentation – all delicately wonky guitar lines, occasional runs of melancholy piano – presents something gently haunting, leaving Adams’ voice front-and-centre as it wanders on through the monochrome world of its surroundings.

An enchanting introduction, check out the new song and video below right now – and pre-order the Metal Bird LP via Basin Rock here




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