Eros and The Eschaton



by tom johnson

With anticipation building around the release of their brand new album next month, Colorado duo/five-piece Eros and The Eschaton today unveil the next piece in the record’s puzzle, in the form of the impassioned, grandiose ‘Helicopter’ – which is streaming below right now.

Led by Kate Perdoni’s grainy bellow of a lead vocal, the track grows from shallow initiations in to something far more substantial, growing in to fiery of life as the guitars and percussion tumble in somewhere around the track’s mid-point. Remaining a powerful protagonist throughout, Perdoni’s voice is the prominent heart at the track’s core, always holding strong among the tidal swell of the instrumentation, delivering heartfelt sermons with steadfast passion.

Following on from the previously-released ‘Rxx’, the new track carries hints of both Neil Young and The Walkmen – both of whom are reference points int the new record’s bio – but perhaps what it does best of all is showcase the solidity of their newly-formed live band; the powerful final minute-or-so feeling like a decisive, and throughly exciting, new step towards the next Eros and The Eschaton chapter. Check it out below.

‘Weight Of Matter’ is released on September 23rd, via Bar/None


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