Sunset Diver | Year Of The Horse [EP]

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

The opening track on Sunset Diver’s brand new EP does so much that you could be forgiven for dismissing it’s following three numbers. A glowing, glorious seven-minute stretch of washed-out guitar lines and distant vocals, ‘Sea Turtle’ is a majestic introduction to the Brooklynite’s new Year Of The Horse EP, which we’re very pleased to bring you an exclusive stream of below.

Thankfully, for both he and us, the rest of the record thrives with the same luxurious touch as is found on that opening track, swelling with the kind of lovelorn regret of a disappearing summer viewed from much crisper, clarifying perspectives. It’s the music itself that brings this definition, and while there are vocals present throughout the four tracks, they’re delivered so languidly that their messages are completely blurred, instead they fall and saunter with as much ambiguous grace as the dream-like guitar lines they sway alongside.

At times the pace is almost distractedly gentile but it never veers in to obscurity thanks to the sheer endeavour of the skeletal frames of the songs themselves. In fact, to get the most out of Year Of The Horse you have to fully commit to its  do so and you’ll find a warmly affecting retreat, a place where mindful recollections drift and settle like peak-lit clouds of dust in a strangely somber room.

The EP is released next week but you can stream it in full below right now.

Year Of The Horse is released on October 29th.


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