EP Stream:

Short Fictions

The Heart Is A Kaleidoscope


words by tom johnson

Scrappy and jagged from the outset, there’s a rugged charm to the new EP from Short Fictions that worms it’s way through the whole thing, exuding a sense of restless playfulness that ingrains itself more with each passing listen. Released this coming weekend, we’re very pleased to share a full stream of the five-track collection with you today – check it out below right now.

Arriving via the ever-worthy Crafted Sounds label, the Pittsburgh quartet deal in flippant guitar pop, their almost-mathy guitars colliding in to satisfyingly untethered vocals which jump in and out of focus at will, never even considering the linear motion we’re so often handed. Balancing the whole thing however is some much-needed restraint, and often the band know just the right moment to curtail the whole thing, the instrumentation simmering for a while before leaping right back in to the fray.

Opening track ‘Mercury’ is indicative of their charm, bouncing around all wide-eyed and infectious, like a endearing crash course in the back catalogues of luminaries such as Topshelf Records and Big Scary Monsters. Elsewhere ‘Ellen’ is a somewhat more shadowy disposition, ‘The Heart New Stops Beating’ adds is a surprisingly tender segue, while the closing one-two of ‘I’m Not Depressed’ and ‘Against All This, Youth’ add further weighty and texture to this gem of an EP.

A brilliantly detailed soundtrack to the autumn, with enough flashes of tempered moderation to make it all the more rewarding – you can stream the EP below right now. Check it out:

Pre-order the EP via Bandcamp

Release show Nov’ 4th in Pittsburgh – Details here




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