close for comfort [EP]


words by tom johnson

photograph by josh london

The Forged Artifacts have diligently carved out a small nook in the musical world over the years, with a steady stream of releases that highlight the very best of DIY rock’n’roll, drifting between the lo-fi and the high octane, sharing releases from the likes of Baked, Plums, A Grave With No Name, Los Angeles Police Dept, and a whole bunch more.

Their latest release keeps up that enduring quality; a six-track EP from Boston’s pushflowers – that we’re very very pleased to share in full here today ahead of Friday’s full release. A quartet centred around the songwriting-sparring of Justine DeFeo and RocĂ­o Del Mar, the band concoct a heady brawl of scuzzy guitars and yearning vocals, the overriding noisiness of it all never quite loud enough to mask the reflective nature of much of the work.

Ingrained with an earnestness that shines through at each opportunity, the EP is both infectious and invigorating; a bold and brazen introduction to a band pushing far beyond their city limits. Stream it below now and pre-order a copy here and now.


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