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Demo 2017


words by tom johnson

photograph by alice smoth

Glasgow’s DIY scene, as is surely the same in other cities, has a wonderful habit of creating a flurry of fleeting offspring from its mainstays, little sonic adventures in to other worlds and ways that exist as short, sharp eruptions of endeavour. The latest project to exist within that frame is KAPUTT, a five-piece formed of Breakfast Muff’s Cal Donnelly (also of Spinning Coin and Rapid Tan) and Simone Wilson (also of Hairband), turbulent songwriter Chrissy Barnacle (also of Joyce Delaney), Rikki Will (also of The Yawns and Lush Purr) and Tobias Carmichael (also of The Bellybuttons); you get the picture…

The four tracks that make up their ‘Demo 2017‘ EP are suitably loose and erratic, fluctuant vocals leaping above sparkling instrumental breakdowns and freak-outs, that take on all manner of colours and shapes, crafting something both ambiguous and brilliantly infectious. Ahead of a couple of forthcoming shows (detailed below), the band today share their new work in full (released via Fuzzkill Records), and you can stream the dazzling EP in full below, alongside a little track guide penned by Donnelly.

Check it all out below…

Track Guide

Carnage Hall – This song initially came out of the mispronunciation of “Carnegie Hall” in reference to the Judy Garland concert/album which is one of my favourite records. This the led to the concept of a Carnage Hall – an alternate dimension Judy Garland show which was the opposite in every way of the real life one e.g a complete failure.

Feed My Son – This is about the general theme of ownership – ownership of far more than you need and the transfer of power by way of money, food or position in society. An initial early version of words for this were published in SPAM which is a Glasgow poetry zine that you should have a look at if you have the time!

You Are Buried With My Nose – Kind of dark this one but ah well – this one is based around the idea of the “Nivan Nose” which is on my Mum’s side of the family: everyone has the same nose. I’ve never met my blood granda and the idea of someone passing away who genetically has the same nose as you (or buried with my nose) freaked me out and thought it was something worth writing about

Hi! I’m the Wasp – This is more straightforward, it’s about losing your job because the owner of where you work is addicted to amphetamines


Buy the new EP here, via Fuzzkill

Upcoming Gigs

Freakender Xmas Party @ Flying Duck – 16th December

Duds @ Nice n Sleazys – 20th January


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