EP Stream:

Double Grave

Empty Hands


words by tom johnson

photo by tessa loeffler

There’s a strange, almost cryptic energy running through Double Grave’s new Empty Hands EP, a foreign spirit that means the whole thing never settles, whether by design or otherwise. Though it’s a somewhat brighter concoction than their debut, the four tracks hear still navigate through the shade, both directly and via that previously alluded to atmosphere that underpins the snappy running time.

Devised as an experiment to fit four songs inside ten-minutes, no moment of Empty Hands outstays its welcome, the kind of volatile and abrupt nature of each of the four songs certainly adding to the charm and charisma that it does well to hide within its shadowiness.

Opening track ‘Rapture’ is a rabid 87-seconds of skewed and snarling guitars, while its follow-up, Deadend, showcases that breezier side to the band; a laborious voice sharing laborious sentiments that makes for perhaps their most captivating work to-date. Elsewhere, the closing one-two of Laetitia and Crush’d is Double Grave back to their crotchety best, the latter, especially, making for a thrilling journey as it bends and very-nearly-breaks under the weight of its heaving guitars and buoyant vocals; the perfect closing moment on a brilliant, often beguiling EP.

The full thing is released on Friday – a joint release courtesy of Sad Cactus and Forged Artifacts – but we’re very pleased to bring you a full stream of the EP today. Check it out below right now.

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