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Joey Nebulous

high on daddy’s day


words by tom johnson

There’s a sanctity to music of Joey Nebulous‘ ilk, a pureness that filters out of the little worlds they create and in to your own, the context somewhat ignored, initially, while the simple beauty of it is considered and enjoyed, like a sweet fragrance held in the breeze.

But there is depth here too, in these six gentle pop songs that don’t stay around very long but linger after the physical form has departed. Opening track ‘rip vine’ introduces us to that wonderfully gentile lead voice, the soft keys lending a simple warmth that permeates throughout. That voice, pitched high and shaky, is a pleasure from start to finish, the whole thing sounding something like Trust Fund if they’d less time in cities and more time in the sun.

The tempo and tone never moves very far but there are little shifts that keep the whole thing fresh and intriguing, small peaks, troughs, and colourful flourishes that makes these tracks resonate all the more. ‘love brunch’ is a gem of a track “who’s there in the morning? who’s there when you’re horny? who’s there when you’re boring” it sings with a teenage sense of naivety that’s ever-present.

Short, surprisingly sharp, and always tender-hearted, ‘high on daddy’s day’ is a paragon of the bedroom-pop genre; a sparkly-eyed ode to a world that rarely offers such a thing back. It’s out now on Sleeper Records – and you can stream it in full right here:



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