El Hombre Trajeado

Do It Puritan!

(feat. Sue Tompkins)


by tom johnson

El Hombre Trajeado feel like a band that both do and don’t need an introduction. Hugely influential to those in the know, the four-piece were pillars of a Glasgow scene gone-by but their unique reverberations were never quite felt as strongly further afield, despite the band playing with such luminaries as Nick Cave, Sebadoh, Tortoise and The Delgados and recording a handful of Peel Sessions to-boot. Whichever way you approach them in 2016, the announcement of their first record in over a decade is one to be cherished, not just for the development of a stellar back-catalogue but, most pertinently at this stage, because the band’s first track features the brilliantly erratic utterances of Life Without Buildings’ Sue Tompkins.

Released on December 2nd – and available to pre-order at the bottom of this page – the ‘Fast Diagonal‘ LP also features contributions from the wonderful Ela Orleans and Chris Mack of The James Orr Complex. As mentioned above, however, the first taster comes in the form of “Do It Puritan!” and the track makes for a complex and riveting re-entry. Tompkins is in suitably zestful voice, her powerfully dextrous lines tumbling above the often-thrilling instrumentation, all tied together by RM Hubbert’s now-signature guitar workings which are ramped-up to new levels of animation among the gnarly swell of sound that billows in all of the available spaces.

An intriguing introduction to the band’s somewhat unexpected next chapter, “Do It Puritan!” is an eerie, shape-shifting delight that should land a blow whether you’re new to them or not. Stream it below right now.

‘Fast Diagonal’ is released on 2nd December, via Chemikal Underground

Pre-Order here


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