Dust From 1000 Yrs



by tom johnson

Under, but not consigned to, his Dust From 1000 Yrs moniker, Ben Rector (more often ‘bone’ to those in the know) has become a staple of America’s dusty ol’ bedroom-pop landscape, releasing a whole slew of records over the past decade or so. Now, following his relocation from Indiana to Boston, he’s all set to release his first full-length in nearly two years, teaming up with Bad History Month’s Jeff Meff to write and record the Spring LP on a four-track recorder in the basement of his new city.

Described as “a document of all the alienation, confusion, depression, and anger that comes from a big baby breaking out of his shell in a completely new and unknown environment“, the new record is introduced via the weird-but-wonderful slow-crawl of ‘someday’ – itself presented as an affective, annotated video piece. Making on good on those aforementioned influences, the song itself is strikingly poignant, sounding something like a crack of light in the most enveloping darkness. “I’ll forget everything and walk away someday. I’ll let go and everything will be ok,” he sings, that scratchy voice all-but unaccompanied as it creaks and cracks through the songs closing stages; the most weary of voices living to fight another day.

The full album is released this September; stream the new track below right now.

‘Spring’ is released on September 9th

Pre-order via Art Of The Uncarved Block and Dust Etc



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