David Thomas Broughton

Words of Art (Ft. Aidan Moffat)

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Consistently a spontaneous and challenging artists, David Thomas Broughton continues to peddle his own path on brand new album ‘Crippling Lack‘ which is, wait for it, “a trans-continental triple-vinyl album, released in three different volumes with three different labels in three different countries.” Said labels are Edinburgh’s Song, By Toad (Vol.1), Lens’ LeNoizeMaker (Vol.2) and NYC’s Paper Garden (Vol.3) and the releases will be staggered across April, May and June. Got it? Good. The record also features guest turns from the likes of Beth Orton, Sam Amidon, Luke Drozd and Rachel Dadd.

Volume 1, somewhat surprisingly, is released first (April 4th – pre-order here) and we’re very pleased to unveil a brand new track from it today in the form of the somewhat startling, seven-minute unraveling that is ‘Words Of Art’. A duet with the always-wonderful Aidan Moffat, DTB describes the track as: “A hazy time after the party is over. Empty dance floor and a calm Moffat explaining that there is a reality to be aware of beyond the art, but somehow eventually getting slightly swept up in the moment.” Which is a far more refined elucidation than we could hope to muster, true to say, however, that there is something wonderfully first-light about the whole thing, the over-riding atmosphere one of displaced, woozy frailty, Broughton’s falsetto oscillating against Moffat’s now signature Scots drawl to make for an eerie and spellbinding concoction. Stream it in full below.

‘Crippling Lack Vol.1’ is released via Song, By Toad Records on April 4th

Pre-order it here





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