Dressed Like Wolves

“Country Walking”


by trevor elkin

It’s been a while, nearly two years in fact, since Rick Dobbing’s last album as Dressed Like Wolves, and that realisation led to frowns of “how can can that be possible?” However, frowns soon became wide, eager grins on hearing the demo for a new track, “Country Walking” posted to Bandcamp last week.

With a vocal timbre that divides opinion, Dobbing’s part-whispered delivery always feels like he’s holding back on spilling a terrible secret, sick of carrying the burden. It’s this presence that adds so much weight to his usually folky, emotive songs about the stresses of human relationships. Recorded in the attic of Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough after their gig with Trust Fund, “Country Walking” sees this delicate voice framed by raw buzzing energy, the kind you only get with an impromptu demo. It is a moment captured in time that will never be repeated. And it’s wonderful.

If you’re unconvinced by our words, here’s the first verse:

“for the first two lines of this one i was chewing bubble gum
i’m not really trying with this fresh upon my tongue
if i told you to be cool would you be cool like when we met
theres something in the architecture shaking me to death
i think i could have worn you if i really tried
i think i’ve gone and blown it with the c4 in my lines
this terrible metaphor is all you deserve
and this chewing gum lasted longer than her
and was sweeter than it is to be loved by you”

“Country Walking” is available to buy on Bandcamp



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