New Music:

Dan Wriggins

“Mr Chill”


words by tom johnson

photograph by jeff berkowitz

Last month, Dan Wriggins, gravelly-voiced frontman of Philadelphia’s Friendship revealed to new songs, the first to be released simply under his own name. today, that project gains further momentum, with the release of new song ‘Mr Chill’, alongside the information that it forms the title track of a brand new EP.

The Orindal-released EP will feature those two aforementioned singles as bonus tracks alongside five new compositions and takes its name from a surprising descriptor of Wriggin’s music. “I’ve gotten ‘hey man, your music is so chill‘ a lot,” he explains, “and I’m like ‘what the fuck???.” Gorgeously produced by Friendship alumni and fellow musician Michael Cormier, Mr Chill features playing by Cormier as well as a guest turn from Lina Tullgren, who lends “some pizzicato plucks” on the song Yellow Bricks.

Streaming here from today, ‘Mr Chill’ closes out the five new songs and is suitably despondent, Wriggins trademark droll voice crawling beautifully over a scuffling drum beat and surprisingly colourful run of keys. A tight n’ loose three minutes, the song documents Dan’s time working for a tree care company, putting in long and hard hours to sustain his musical endeavours. “Like most of my friends, I was balancing full-time work with writing music and playing shows,” Wriggins explains. “That’s where the clock-punching lyrics come from.”

Wry and quietly wonderful, as was ever the case, the new song slips into the cracks of a year that has begun in half-sleep, where the weight of the hours gathers and gathers no matter how we’re passing them. It’s another solemn gem from one of the finest songwriters around. Listen below right now.

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