cumbres carrascosa | Warm/A Lot Less

by Tom Johnson

The internet has made the world a tiny place. In fact, it’s removed all sense of boundaries/borders/stumbling blocks. Here, at the touch of a button, is a new single from cumbres carrascosa; recorded and produced in the Canary Islands, released on a French label, and available for you as easily as if you were a part of the process all along.

Packed with punch, and full of moody swagger, the new two-track release is a vibrant and mood-soaked affair. It’s led by ‘Warm‘; built around a skittering percussive trail and some mild mannered guitar lines, it’s the slightly more upbeat of the two tracks here, but it still presents a somewhat dulled air of resignation. ‘A Lot Less‘ is the flip-side and it’s a more insular affair; a slow-plodding beat matched by the dreariness of the vocals.

On the surface, this might not be the most inviting of singles but, without you really realising what’s happening, by the end of the end of the two tracks you’ll be buried well within the world of cumbres carrascosa – and you’ll probably find yourself quite content with being there. A hypnotic and superbly-executed little release; stream it below.

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