Cross Country

Grass Stain


by tom johnson

While, on paper, that monotone delivery might not make for the most radiant experience, there’s actually a real carefree sense of abandon to Grass Stain, the new track from Cross Country’s debut on Infinity Cat, that makes for the kind of glorious departure from the day that feels almost intrinsically linked to the summer and all it has to offer.

The track’s spine is that incessant hum of guitar that barely stops for breath, and the band embody the surrounding space with brilliant splashes of colour, from the aforementioned lackadaisical vocal splurge to the swelling pace of it all. Lifted from the band’s new tape, which was recorded live in Philadelphia and arrives courtesy of Infinity Cat’s Cassette Series, curated by Casey Weissbuch (Diarrhea Planet, Colleen Green, Mitski), the track makes up one-eighth of the new tape’s collection, and is a suitably¬†imposing introduction this most-promising of guitar-pop projects. Play the heck out of it below.


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