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introduction by tom johnson

In perhaps the most exciting news of this site’s near eight-year existence, mid-March will find GFP in New Orleans, helping Community Records celebrate their tenth anniversary with a 3-day showcase of live music – on March 9th, 10th, and 11th – alongside one of our very favourite label’s, Saddle Creek, before we all head down to SXSW for a further GFP x Community showcase – details of which will follow very soon.

And, while we’re a somewhat new member of this burgeoning friendship, the two aforementioned labels have long been intertwined, and to further celebrate such a thing, and to herald a decade of Community’s wonderful output, they’ve put together a mammoth 23-song compilation, which will be available across the weekend on both cassette and CD, with special risograph artwork by Max Seckel.

As such, we’re very pleased to present a stream of the whole damn thing here today, with a personal introduction from both labels; one of those personal and heartening collaborations that reaffirms why any of us in this business care at all. Check it out right now

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Greg Rodrigue & Daniel Ray (Community Records) on Saddle Creek: “Our effort as a label from the beginning has been to connect people to music from the heart. We know that Saddle Creek shares that intention. Much of Community Records’ ambition has been to highlight our hometown of New Orleans on a national and international level. We hope not only to feature artists from our city, but also to participate in a scene bigger than ourselves.

Amber has been a friend for a long time now. She is the shining star and the dot that connected us to long running label Saddle Creek. Her passion for music is obvious, and that energy is what she brings to the table in working with Saddle Creek. We were contemplating the best ways for our labels to collaborate, and the most logical answer was a mixtape. Community Records picked the Saddle Creek songs and vice versa. What better way to connect people to music than making them a mixtape? We are stoked on how all this came together, and we are so happy to share it with you.”

Amber Carew (Saddle Creek) on Community Records: Growing up in New Orleans provided me with an admittedly incomparable musical life and experience, but as a teenager, my envy of seemingly tight-knit independent rock scenes in other cities like Seattle, Chicago, Omaha and D.C. grew strong. If rhythm & blues was the ancestor of rock n roll, why didn’t my experience feel full circle in a place where much of the former originated? It was there all along, in different ways and through different entities, but Community Records is what opened my eyes to it personally. This collective of artists, bands, fans and friends that could not be more aptly named helped me identify and connect with my hometown in a way I hadn’t quite yet.

I will never forget my first Caddywhompus house show, an ecstatic lightbulb moment of nowness and contentment, of not needing to be anywhere else. That energy carried me into a career in music and ultimately, to a job at Saddle Creek, a label that encouraged me to discover my own Community. And because life is truly unpredictable, fate would have it that things would finally come full circle in a way I could have never anticipated — through this mixtape we both made for you.



1. Big Thief – Shark Smile
2. Treadles – Hush
3. Stef Chura – Spotted Gold
4. Sharks’ Teeth – Don’t Touch My Feet
5. Sam Evian – Need You
6. Dowsing – Pass
7. Donovan Wolfington – Empty Space
8. Land of Talk – Heartcore
9. All People – Fearful / Sick
10. Palehound – Sea of Blood
11. New Holland – Alligator
12. Wilder Maker – New Streets
13. Fishplate – Country Town
14. Twinsmith – Matters
15. Football, etc. – Save
16. The Mynabirds – Shouting at the Dark
17. Pope – Talk Me Out of It
18. Young Jesus – Green
19. Caddywhompus – Company
20. O+S – Dancing with Death
21. Keeping – Empty Portal
22. Hand Habits – yr heart
23. Hikes – Timothy
24. Eden House – JayTee Barbour

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