Broken Circles

“Everything Melts Eventually Vol. II”


by tom johnson

Shining a light on the darker corners of the forthcoming holiday break, “Everything Melts Eventually” is the new compilation from Broken Circles, one of our favourite labels of 2016, and their second instalment of such a release, presented as a soundtrack to the rougher side of Christmas; those that have work through it all, those that don’t celebrate it, those that don’t conform to the big family set-pieces that are commonplace within the media versions of these strange few days.

An interesting mix of moods and tones, we’ve already heard the efforts from both James Bishop and Talons’; the former is a brilliantly engaging burst of ambiguous guitar-pop that stutters and starts in all the right places, while Talons’ effort hits like a seasonal sucker-punch to the gut, a quiet, considered strum that sits like a heavy-hearted moment of quiet amid the unending giddiness of it all.

What we’re left with is three more songs, and Triathalon, Pro Teens and Hypoluxo all deliver the same levels of curiosity and consideration. Pro Teens open the record and ‘Somewhere Along The Lines Of Disappointment’ is an exemplary cut of emo-infused rock music, all tempered vocals and solid slabs of instrumentation, while Hypoluxo’s “Insecure” follows suit from the band’s brilliantly engaging LP (which premiered here, in September), the track swallowing the surrounding mood like grey evening light filling an empty room. As is so often the case where Triathlon are involved, the quintet steal the show with their effort; “Bad Mood” indicative of the sumptuous playfulness of their warped and wonderful jams.

An alluring soundtrack no matter what mood you approach the Christmas holidays in, “Everything Melts Eventually” is a sturdy and often brilliant addition to the series. It’s released tomorrow (on both vinyl and cassette here) but we’re very pleased to bring you a full stream of the split ahead of time. Hit play below and disappear somewhere else entirely for a short while; whether you’re needing it or not.

Everything Melts Eventually is released tomorrow. Buy it here


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