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Colin Miller

“Cut the Field”


words by tom johnson

The captivation of Colin Miller’s music has everything to do with mood. The songs that make up his forthcoming new EP bristle with a weighty atmosphere, and while they might well tell stories we, the listeners, only get murky glimpses of the people and places that lie within them, small puzzle pieces that smudge together, obscuring their edges.

New single ‘Cut the Field’ is indicative of this ambiguity while also highlighting the heart to these songs, little ripples of beauty that reach out from the fog. Here, there are swirls of noise that weave in and out of the pronounced drums, and Miller’s voice also appears and reclines, supplementing the punchiness of the track as it grows into a far fuller second half which sits somewhere between the three records that Miller cites in the EP’s foreword: Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, Guided by Voices’ Alien Lanes, and My Morning Jacket’s The Tennessee Fire.

‘Cut the Field’ is introduced via its video, which is streaming below and described in the following way: “Shot on the Asheville country homestead where Colin Miller resides, the music video for “Cut the Field” (filmed by Zach Romeo) visualizes the conflicting headspaces we inhabit in the midst of a dying relationship. The characters portrayed by Miller show one side attempting to keep things together while the other side reaches the boiling point of attempted sabotage to end it already. ‘Cut the Field’ runs this gamut, letting its own devils play with fire while still saving face and playing the song through.”

Miller’s Hook EP, a gem of this month’s releases, is out March 19th via Oof Records, you can preorder it now and check out the new single right here.

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