Max Jury | All I Want

by Aled Schell

In the world of music journalism positive adjectives are endlessly overused in some kind of Cold War style linguistic-hyperbole arms race. With this inflation of terms, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish some flash-in-the-pan hype band from an artist that is genuinely special. Let me set this straight for you now, Max Jury is genuinely special. The sort of special that doesn’t just burn fast and bright before supernover-ing into the indie music scrapheap, but a real artist that builds into something beautiful and timeless.

What he has shown over his two EP’s to date is seven tracks of stunning quality; superbly blending traditional Americana sounds with jazz piano licks and George Harrison-inspired lead guitar riffs. All the while his voice elegantly delivers intelligently written laments of lost love in small towns in blue-collar America.

All I Want’ is the opening track from the young Iowa-native’s new EP All I Want: The Sonic Factory Session released last month; and it’s yet another offering of earnest songwriting and gorgeous musicianship from an artist that stands tall as one of our brightest new talents.

Listen to ‘All I Want’ below:


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