Cloud Cover

Banshee Dance


by tom johnson

While we wouldn’t usually be so meticulous with our suggestions, we would highly recommend listening to Cloud Cover’s new ‘Banshee Dance‘ on a good pair of headphones. Bursting at the seams with stifled atmosphere, paying that little extra attention to the track reveals all manner of tics and hidden sleight of hands that simmer away just beneath the surface when taking the track at face value.

Indeed, there’s a submerged sense of foreboding throughout this darkly brilliant new track from the solo project of Dirty Dishes’ Jenny Tuite, and an even more impressive depth that belies it’s ‘solo’ incarnation. The entire demeanour and mood is powerfully combative; thick layers of percussion and jagged spikes of guitar mirroring some billowing storm lashing at the world in the dead-end darkness of the night.

Lifted from a brand new full-length, Mirror Me, released September 23rd on 12″ vinyl, cassette, and digital formats via Disposable America, ‘Banshee Dance’ is a furiously impassioned display – and you can stream it below right now:

Pre-order the 12″ vinyl here, via Bandcamp


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