China Bowls 2017 (1)

Video Premiere:

China Bowls

‘The Way’


words by sammy maine

Bristol’s Saffron Records are a female youth collective who, over the past year or so, have been nurturing and championing emerging artists from the city. One artist is China Bowls – a soulful songwriter, with jazz and hip-hop influences at her core. Releasing her EP ‘Talk’ on the label back in 2016, the visual accompaniment to new single ‘The Way’ is a chance to immerse ourselves in the world of an honest and fearlessly spirited artist.

“The Way” speaks of love and loss; it speaks of the surprising strength that comes when we find ourselves alone and emotionally vulnerable. Yet within this delicate narrative, China Bowl’s encompassing, passionate vocal delivers a story with guts and promises a way to rebuild, to reboot, after a tragic circumstance. And while her performance is immeasurably fierce, there’s also a relaxed, effortlessness to her output, marking China Bowls as one of those rare, born-with-it talents.

Directed, produced and cut by Misha Vertkin, the video for “The Way” is a deeply, almost intrusive look at what happens behind closed doors. The moments when we can truly be free in our grief, coping in the way that makes us feel most alive, if only for a brief moment. Take a look below and get to know one of Bristol’s most promising acts.

The Way is out now on Saffron Records

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