new music:

Charlotte Cornfield

“Drunk For You”


words by tom johnson

photograph by angela lewis


It’s about time Charlotte Cornfield’s work travelled further. Though her previous album, 2019’s The Shape Of Your Name, was longlisted for Canada’s Polaris Prize, it still only made a gentle ripple outside of her home country. This time around though, her new – and fourth – full-length effort gets a full international release, via the sturdy joined arms of Polyvinyl and Double Double Whammy.

Where that previous effort was a slow and often solo journey, Cornfield’s new Highs in the Minuses LP (October 29th) means to capture the raw, unbridled spirit of a tight-knit band playing in a room together. Featuring Alexandra Levy (aka Ada Lea) on bass and Liam O’Neill of Suuns on drums, the album is earthy and dynamic, the songs buoyed by a contagious energy that makes for a perfect backdrop to Cornfield’s often wry observations.

There are, however, moments of delicate and sad restraint, and nowhere is that more pinpointed than on her crushing new single “Drunk For You” – which we’re very pleased to unveil for the first time here today, alongside its suitably subtle and moving and video which was shot and directed by Joe Cornfield.

A poignant reflection on a soured relationship, the new song is Cornfield at her most vulnerable, her endearingly coarse voice backed only by a piano that conjures the kind of tension that leaves you wincing without even realising it. “I’m walking over to your place. Will I get Jekyll or will I get Hyde?” she sings with a despondency that perhaps already knows the answer. “Now I’m just passing my afternoon unfocused and blurry, lightheaded and drunk for you,” she continues.

Full of seasonal melancholy, “Drunk For You” is no less spellbinding for the sadness that underpins it, rather it feels acutely real, like we as the listeners are somehow a part of the story. Check it out below right now – the full album arrives at the end of October.



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