New Music:

Chantal Acda

You Live Inside My Heart


words by tom johnson

photograph by hanneke wetzer

“This song always meant a lot to me. And in a strange way it never found a place on one of my solo records,” Chantal Acda says of her beautiful new track collaboration with ambient extraordinaire Nils Frahm. “I tried it every time but it always seemed to be a story that needs to be told on its own, surrounded by silence instead of other songs. It needed space…”

Finally unveiled today, and streaming for you below, a stand-alone companion to latest record Bounce Back, released earlier this year, ‘You Live Inside My Heart’ was initially conceived back in 2013 and is every bit as tender and evocative as expected: a suitable soundtrack to the stillness of the harbour as depicted in its cover art; the barren landscape that lends itself to the painstakingly slow-moving video.

Acting as the skeletal spine from the song is centred around, Frahm’s piano is as exquisite as ever before, a gentle lilt to the bigger landscape, but it’s Acda’s voice which generates and stirs the prevailing atmosphere, her dream-like voice, blown in on the breeze from somewhere far and distant, a gripping figure of its own amid the swirling instrumentation.

“I knew Nils through Peter Broderick. I supported him six years ago in Paris and he joined us on stage,” Acda explains, expanding upon the newly-released collaboration. “I felt the connection right away. He helped me find the courage to release a first album under my own name. We recorded in his home studio and working with him totally changed my view on what music means to me. It will always be present in the reflection of my past and future music adventures.”

A brooding moment of discretion and delicacy, You Live Inside My Heart is a stirring, poignant composition that takes elements of both of their work and ties it together not just seamlessly but with searing inspiration and intrigue – and we’re very pleased to share the new track here today. Check it out:



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