Burning From The Edges Inward


by tom johnson

Appearing just in time for the approaching Autumn, today brings a brand new track from a brand new record from the always inventive Botany. Said piece, Burning From The Edges Inward, comes tied with the news that the Austin’s Spencer Stephenson will release his third LP, Deepak Verbara, on October 14th via Western Vinyl, and that the album contains his most varied and dynamic work to-date.

A sprawling first-step, Burning From The Edges Inward is, nevertheless, an overwhelmingly intriguing start-point; a mesmerising weave of colours that rolls on for six-and-a-half wonderfully distinct minutes, pulsing and pulling, ebbing and flowing, in a jagged state of unrest. Billed as a full-length that offers clarifying glimpses of both the dark and light, Stephenson takes all of the influences that have impacted his work to-date and turns them in to something that feels wholly refreshing and new.

Dense, melodic, but never far from the free-spirited nature that has underpinned all of Botany’s best work to-date, the track makes for a majestic return – and you can listen to it right here.


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