Bossy Love

Call Me Up


by tom johnson

We’ve already written far too many words on the magnificent promise of Glasgow’s Bossy Love, suffice to say that they remain one of the most impressive up-and-coming bands that these shores have to offer. Thankfully, today at least, confirmation can be found in brand new music rather than our over-excitable words; the duo-come-live-trio unleashing a staple of their current live show, in the form of the rousing, spiky brilliance of ‘Call Me Up‘.

Announced alongside a handful of dates for later this Autumn (though still no solid word on a proper release *cough cough*), the new track is indicative of the gleaming craft that runs throughout their work, forging slick, inventive beats with Amandah Wilkinson’s magnificently slick vocal work. “I’m a sucker for this thing called love,” she sings as the restrained verse builds in to the glowing chorus that acts as the track’s memorable centre-piece. Underpinned by sumptuous scattering of warped instrumental runs, it adds further weight to those aforementioned proclamations of impending greatness – and you can stream it to your heart’s content below.

New live dates:

The Nines, London – 27th October

The Mash House, Edinburgh – 28th October

The Poetry Club, Glasgow – 29th October



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