[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

There’s an almost innate sense of measure to the work of Benedikt; a fledgling Canadian producer currently stationed in Berlin, and on the cusp of releasing his brand new ‘Soma‘ EP. Somewhat luxurious rather than dark, the stillness that creeps through his work does occasionally take on a greater weight but it’s all handled with such care for the timidity that it tends to glow rather than stifle.

New track ‘Rearranging‘ is testament to such propositions; a beautiful slow-crawl through textured pop landscapes, replete with soft scattered beats, eminently pretty keys and the kind of absorbing lead vocal that could well transform its appearance in the blink of one elegant eye. The new cut is premiering below ahead of tomorrow’s full release and we highly recommend spending some time with it all. Here’s what Benedikt has to say of the track…

“Rearranging has gone through various stages of evolution. It started as a piano piece. Was then playing around with an arpeggiator and liked how it changed the vibe of the song. I then fleshed it out with more electronics and added a touch of an organ. One can never go wrong with an organ.”


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