Hoops | Tape #2


by tom johnson

You might well have picked up the new mixtape from Hoops after it got a warmly-received unveiling via Gorilla Vs Bear earlier in the week, but Tape #2 is so full of intriguing, skewed charm that it more than deserves some more draping platitudes from elsewhere too. Another reason for cramming this one in before the end of the week is the fact that the new collection feels ready-made for weekend recline; the kind of hazy, wistful soundtrack to the end-of-week adventure, whether exuberant or something far more lethargic.

Fronted by Drew Auscherman, who you may know from one of his many other recording projects if you can work through the labyrnth of varying┬ánom de plume’s that he uses, the new tape is a collaboration with friend Kevin Krauter and is mostly centred around loose, buried vocals and wonky guitar lines, the kind of bedroom pop with the potential to reach far greater heights if it wasn’t designed with the intention of never leaving the walls within which it was produced.

As well as Tape #2 there’s a preceding, appropriately-titled Tape #1 from earlier last year, and also another even newer track, 4U PT.2, which is perhaps the best of lot, gleaming with a sweetly lofi sense of mystique and glamour that feels perfectly seductive. Check it all out now and follow the links below for more.



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