bed. | The Rule


by tom johnson

There’s an elegant sway to the new track from Portland trio bed. which lifts them above much else in the self-described “slow-fi” genre, crafting out a nook made only for them with the kind of soft-centred pop song that can just about shape your day if you’re paying the right amount of attention.

Taken from 2016’s new EP, a five-track collection which precedes the band’s debut album (also scheduled for next year) new track ‘The Rule’ is a splendid concoction of floral instrumentation and Sierra Haager’s warm but intoxicating lead vocal which swoops a richly graceful dance that might be somewhat heartbreaking if it weren’t for the innate sense of wonderment that sits at hits heart and initially distracts from the over-riding theme of The Rules central story.

Like a quiet sigh on┬áthe most languid of days, or perhaps a dash of colour in the current spread of colourless winter days, the track is a enchanting moment of retreat – and you can stream it below.


photograph by eric evans

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