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Just before Christmas we teased you with some news about our huge new project; Beautiful Confusion. To clarify, it’s a digital singles club that will run for the whole of 2014 and will give subscribers the chance to get their hands on some songs from our favourite artists that won’t be available anywhere else. Each release will be emailed to you on the last day of the month and it will always feature at least two tracks; a lead ‘single’ and an accompanying B-side, remix, cover, something-else-fun… Pretty neat, huh?

There are going to be two packages available and you can sign up via the form below. Firstly, the Basic Subscription is £8 and will get you all of the downloads, plus some exclusive offers throughout the year including discount vouchers for some of our favourite labels, album-giveaway competitions and other exciting secretive surprises. Then there is the Gold Subscription at £12 which gets you all of the above, plus a limited edition Beautiful Confusion/GoldFlakePaint tote bag and a few extra special surprises throughout the year.

We’re super excited to announce that the very first Beautiful Confusion release will be a brand new two-track single from princess reason; the man behind one of our ten favourite EPs of 2013. The single will include a brilliant new track called Empty Mug recorded especially for all of you, and a beautiful ambient remix of ‘We Are Splitting‘. On top of that, one subscriber will win an original one-off drawing from princess reason, because that’s just the kind of guy he is. We can also reveal that we’ve teamed-up with Alcopop! Records for the first month and all subscribers will be sent a code that will get them a FREE CD ALBUM when they buy any other record from the Alcopop! shop.

We’re extremely excited about this project and feel very humbled to be in a position to be able to do something like this. Artists already confirmed include Boy Friend, The Yawns, Snow Mantled Love, Winter, Gleemer, Old Amica, Salvage My Dream, Los Angeles Police Department  and Truest. So many of our favourite new bands from all across the globe, and there will be more to come.

So that’s it! You can sign-up below and once you’ve paid your subscription you’ll get a confirmation email from Mail Chimp which you must respond to. Then just sit back and wait for the wonderful music to roll your way. Any questions, please get in touch via the comments box below.

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