basement revol

Basement Revolver

Lake, Steel, Oil


by tom johnson

Lake, Steel, Oil marks the the third time in just a couple of months that we’ve heaped bucketfuls of praise upon the seemingly sturdy shoulders of Ontario’s Basement Revolver. The band’s brand new track also acts as a marker-point for other reasons; namely the moment that they grow in to something else entirely, presenting a majestic, sweeping moment of sublimity where the scatty indie-pop once stood.

Released a week tomorrow, via Fear Of Missing Out, the band’s debut EP suddenly presents a different face altogether, ‘Lake, Steel, Oil’ soaring in to stratosphere with a tumultuous swirl of heavy-set guitars that wraps itself wildly around Chrisy Hurn’s most voluptuous vocal to-date. The result is something both dramatic and endearing; a new-day take on early-noughties indie-rock where the heart overrules the head to produce something wonderfully and freely impassioned.

Inspired by the northern lights, and mirroring that phenomenon’s awe-inspiring reach, you can stream the brilliant new track below right now.

The band’s debut EP is released on ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ records July 15th


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