Bandcamp Day x GFP


Hello friends!

It’s been a wild ride over the 18 months since we launched A Music Journal. We’ve had some steep learning curves but we’re really proud of everything we managed to achieve. We’ve sent every copy to you ourselves, by hand, from our front room in our small flat in Glasgow. It’s been a huge undertaking and we’ve surely made mistakes but I really hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve produced, and that it’s offered some nice respite and time away from the busy real world. I hope you’ve found some new music to love along the way too.

Today, Friday May 1st, Bandcamp are waiving their cut of sales for everyone selling through their site – and we’ll take that opportunity to launch a special pre-order both for Issue 6 and a brand new, three-issue subscription package both at a reduced price!

Subscription (Issues 6, 7, 8): https://goldflakepaint.bandcamp.com/merch/new-a-music-journal-subscription-6-7-8

Issue 6 pre-order: https://goldflakepaint.bandcamp.com/merch/a-music-journal-issue-six-secret-pre-order

Beautiful new T-shirt: goldflakepaint.bandcamp.com/merch/

We’re not in a position to tell you what’s in it yet so we’re asking for another leap of faith! If you’re wanting to start a new subscription with us then doing so today will make a huge amount of difference for what is a rather terrifying time to be a small, independent business working in the music industry. It’s very hard to look much further than a few weeks down the line. We had planned for this new subscription launch to be a big push, a huge celebratory event, but it seems rather trite give the current situation so we’ll just ask quietly and kindly for your support, if you’re in a position to do so.

We know everyone is struggling in one way or another, so one change we’ll make this year will be the ability to pay for your subscription on a monthly basis, rather than all in one go. However, that can’t be processed via Bandcamp so we’ll be offering that at a later, closer to the launch date of Issue 6. Keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you again for all your support. Find some beautiful new things for yourself today and I promise you the world around will feel a little lighter.

Take care,

Team GFP.

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