Ecce Poque / Cupola Panorama

(Live at Mackintosh Queen’s Cross Church)


words by tom johnson


Seemingly destined to be one of 2017’s hidden gems, Babe’s Kiss & Tell LP still sits as one of the year’s most inspired and colourful long-players; a hypnotic electronic/pop hybrid that capitalised on the band’s formidable live show and shaped in to something both inventive and consistently rewarding. From the playful swagger of Primo to the brooding, synth-led magic of ‘Wisteria’, it’s a record that seems to reveal a little more of its half-buried magic upon each and every listen. Suffice to say we highly recommend digging in to it today if you’re yet to do so – and you can do so right here.

Transforming two of those songs in to wholly compelling new shapes, we’re very pleased to unveil two special performances from Babe’s Gerard Black, recorded live at the Mackintosh Queen’s Cross Church in Glasgow earlier this year and indicative of the spellbinding nature of Black’s songwriting that always underpins the band’s recorded work.

The only church in the world designed by Scotland’s great architect, designer and artist, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the space provides a tangibly immersive atmosphere for the performance, which finds Black performing two songs – the vocally gymnastic Ecce Poque and the more refined Cupola Panorama – on 100 year-old Steinway piano.

Filmed by Glasgow based film-maker, the videos make for a beautiful accompaniment to the fleshed-out recorded counterparts, and we’re very excited to share both videos today.

Spend some time with them both if you can.

Kiss & Tell‘ is out now – buy it here



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