Attic Abasement

Guarantee Jesus


by tom johnson

Opening tracks are a thoroughly important aspect to a record, often acting as the first meeting and setting the pace and tone for everything that follows. ‘Guarantee Jesus‘ sits as one of 2016’s most rewarding inceptions, a fiery, slightly off-kilter introduction to Attic Abasement’s most rewarding full-lengths, and one which stands as a gleaming totem for that whole bedroom-rock scene that is in such mightily sturdy arms, specifically in the U.S, right now.

Premiering below today is said track’s brand new video, itself a surprisingly poignant companion piece, all sepia-stained slow-mo shots and heavy subject matter. Soundtracked brilliantly by the band’s scratchy guitar solos and wavering vocal that almost always feels like it might collapse at any moment, the new film is a searing reminder that the oft-forgotten medium still has a hell of a lot to offer. Grab the whole record, via Father/Daughter Records, here, and watch the new video below right now.

Dream News is out now. You can isten to it here



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