Field Division | To Innisfree Land

by Tom Johnson

To project a sense of beauty and restraint through story-telling isn’t something that can necessarily be taught. Attempted and worked upon, sure, but to truly enchant with a simple deliverance of words is something wholly natural. Though we’ve only heard a few songs thus far from Nashville’s Field Division, there’s seem to be no question that they possess this somewhat magical skill. The music they make feels borne of the soil. Enriched with the glow of a day quietly coming to life, it moves urgently and attentively but feels completely unhurried. An endless grace slowly revealed.

To Innisfree Land‘ is a brand new track, and the final taster of the duo’s debut EP which is released next week. Once again it’s the signature vocal of Evelyn Taylor which grasps the attention but without the caressive musical backdrop it would only be half as affecting as it proves to be. And so it goes, subtly weaving it’s way through a rich vista that takes in subtle percussion, measured stabs of a guitar, and a narrative akin to hearing the most indelible story whispered straight in to your consciousness.

A further indication of the magic to follow; listen to the new track now and be sure to check out the Reverie State EP next week.



Photo by Basement Fox

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