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Allison Lorenzen

“In A Dream”


words by tom johnson

photography by kyle johnson

While Tender, the debut LP from Allison Lorenzen, absolutely deserves to exist in its own sparkling world, the fact that the enigmatic Midwife is a “frequent collaborator” across the album gives some idea to the ballpark we’re playing in, even before a note of its solitudinal bliss had been absorbed. Comprised of eight new recordings, Tender finds some murky but striking middle ground between the aforementioned Midwife and that of its constant reference-point, Beach House. These songs might occasionally wilt but there’s always shimmer.

Initially pencilled in for a summer release, the current vinyl backlog pushed Tender deep into the autumn and it that might not be a bad thing, the dark magic of these songs seemingly pulled from the more shadowy creases of the world, not just the thick of night but also the seasonal gloam. Lead single ‘Vale’ certainly glistened with such intrigue, Lorenzen’s captivating voice swirling way above the dense backdrop of its instrumentation, “hung like a vale in the night”.

Today, Lorenzen is sharing the album’s third single in the shifting shape of “In A Dream“. Again the composition manages to feel both minimal but lush, occasionally flourishing into something altogether more imposing with a sudden raising of the temperature, a subtle flush of white noise. In other worlds it could feel like a plaintive lovelorn ballad but here, in Lorenzen’s grip, it feels flecked by something else. A creeping sadness? An implacable melancholy?

Either way, there is beauty here, even more so in the context of the full album, where “In A Dream” often feels like just that; a moment of intangible escape from the otherwise deep introspection that surrounds – and so often informs – the rest of the songs on Tender. “I could lie here for hours,” she sings, “but would I be heard?”. A special song from a special album, you can stream it below from today. The full album arrives this Autumn, via the excellent Whited Sepulchre Records.

Tender is released October 1st, via Whited Sepulchre Records

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