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The Summer trails of Johnny Foreigner

by Tom Johnson


Here are some things you need to know:

Johnny Foreigner are a band from Birmingham. Johnny Foreigner are stomach-achingly wonderful. Lex writes and sings a lot of the songs, and sometimes he does this on his own under the name Yr Friends. Junior plays the drums, and sometimes other bits and bobs, and occasionally makes music with his rowdy friends under the name Fridge Poetry. They both have new music coming this Autumn. It, too, is fantastic. Also out this Autumn is a collaborative record between both of these extremities, under the name Yr Poetry.

Those, ladies and gents, are the facts. What do you don’t know, quite yet, is just how good it all is. Which is kind of where we come in, because right down there below, all bright-eyed and loose of tongue, is a teasing sample of all that is to follow. Three exclusive tracks, one from each of the three aforementioned records, hand-picked especially for you by those that did make them.

So what are you waiting for?

Preview | Yr Friends/Fridge Poetry/Yr Poetry

by Lex


hi and thanks for letting us share our summer hobbies with you. Yr Friends is all acoustic headphone music, so here’s my best EDM pose. Fridge Poetry is all samples and loops, so here’s Jun’s best RockAction face, and Yr Poetry is for all them people who complain that Johnny Foreigner is too fast and loud, so here’s our very best ballad. All this songs have parent records that’ll pop up on our bandcamps this month before Johnny Foreigner goes to conquer South Africa. Taraaabit bab.



Johnny Foreigner play two special shows this weekend.

In Birmingham (Friday, 3rd October) & London (Saturday, 4th October)

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