Alexia Avina

“Fit Into”


words by tom johnson

photography by alexia avina and miriam brellenthin


A couple of years ago we shared a beautiful piece of work from Alexia Avina, an American artist who makes subtle and spellbinding soundscapes from a bedrock of gentle instrumentation and swirling, soothing vocals something like Grouper if Liz Harris was found in dappled sunlight rather than the imposing dusk.

Previously living and working in Montreal, but recently relocated to Massachusetts, today brings news of a brand new release from Avina, to be delivered later this year by the somewhat surprising but intriguing combination of the hefty Topshelf Records and Scotland’s brilliant Lost Map.

Said album will be released this coming Autumn, with pre-order news to follow at a later date, however, there is a brand new track to get lost in today, one which comes hand-in-hand with a striking new video which only adds to the otherworldliness of Avina’s work.

The song itself, called Fit Into, is every bit as alluring as we’ve come to expect, the layered vocals wrapping themselves inside, outside, and around each other, creating a warm haze of sound, all underpinned by beautiful arrangements that come a little more into focus with each passing listen.

Glacial and spacious, the track’s considered swell is mesmerising throughout, a reminder of her distinct talent and a captivating foundation to launch her brand new chapter.

You can watch the brand new video below right now. ‘Fit Into’ is available via Lost Map’s postcard club: sign up before the end of July and you’ll receive a postcard with ‘Fit Into’, alongside an exclusive track from Alexia, as well as postcards from Alabaster dePlume, Good Dog and Fell – full info here.

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