Two White Cranes | Radisson Blue

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

There are an immeasurable number of reasons why we might like a record or an artist, it’s much rarer, however, that the intonation is what we find the most compelling aspect. And yet here we are and there it is; the quite wonderful new record from Two White Cranes, coming alive through Roxy Brennan’s delectable deliverance of words, enormously affecting whether arriving through the slow-crawl of a sigh when at her most refined or the gutsy bellow that occasionally rises to the surface.

Following on from last years wonderful self-titled LP – one which we included in our end-of-year album list – Radisson Blue is an eleven track collection of boundless charm, a captivating and poignant document of characters and situations that immediately takes shape before your eyes while never coming completely in to focus. There’s a vagueness to the lyrics that form these songs which brings an almost mystical sense of wonder; it’s no surprise to hear that Raymond Carver was something of an influence here because, buried within these short, ambiguous snapshots or life and love, there’s a weight that hits like the mightiest of sucker punches.

That incertitude is a key component throughout, a mysterious weight that draws you in for the moments that can’t quite be deciphered, offering only fleeting glimpses of the sentiments that are being shaped, but then hitting like a hammer when it suddenly falls away to simply reveal everything; plain-stated, bare-faced and irrevocably substantive.

From the tenderly affecting ‘Diaries‘ to the rousing anthemic closer of ‘We Grew Up‘, Radisson Blue is a wonderful achievement; the kind of record that acts as a beacon for this country’s flourishing DIY scene, but, more than that, it confirms, or more likely reaffirms, Brennan as an irrefutably important voice; one that can quietly seep in to the quiet hollow of your day and leave you reeling with a single whisper of words.

Stream the whole album right now and be sure to order a copy via the links below.

Radisson Blue is out tomorrow, buy it here

It’s also available on tape from Odd Box Records here


Two White Cranes tour next week:

9th Aug – London, The Lexington w/ Haiku Salut + Owl and Mouse

10th Aug – Brighton, House show w/ Squeakeasy + Eleanor Rudge

11th Aug – Nottingham, JT SOAR w/ The Middle Ones + Squeakeasy + T-Shirt Weather

12th Aug – Cardiff, Abacus w/ Squeakeasy + Truly Kaput

14th Aug – Glasgow, Flying Duck w/ Blood of the bull, b00kshelf, Jealous Girlfriend & Chrissy Barnacle

15th Aug, Leeds, Heart w/ Squeakeasy + Junior


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