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Those Lavender Whales

“My Bones Are Singing”


words by tom johnson

My Bones Are Singing“, the new album from Those Lavender Whales, perhaps matters more than you first realise. On the surface it’s an indie-pop gem, the kind of graceful, charming record that seems to exist outside of day-to-day life as we know it. Dig a little deeper though and the roots of the record offer something altogether more essential. Written both during, and after, frontman Aaron Graves’ struggle with a rare, life threatening brain tumor back in 2014, this fact and the way Graves deals with such things, elevates every moment of the album in to greater realms.

Making this album was more about conveying an experience,” Graves says of ‘Growing’. “I really wanted these songs to be able to represent the span of feelings I experienced as I was going through my diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.” And that’s exactly what we get here; weighty moments of self-inspection, gnarly shifts in the mood, and quiet glimpses in to a time many of us can barely even comprehend.

Despite the fact that many of us will be removed from the subject matter, the songs here still stir and captivate, drawing the listener in to heart of the story even as we watch it unfold from afar. And it’s no accident; Graves saying that he wanted the songs here to be “relatable to all the other situations people can encounter that lead to the same feelings of helplessness, hopefulness, and joy.

The result is a invigorating record, one that leaps about, tones and textures tumbling and turning at will as it runs through the twelve songs, but one that feels defiantly, née jubilantly, alive, despite it all. Check it out in full below right now.


My Bones are Singing‘ is released on April 7th, via Fork & Spoon Records

You can pre-order it here


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