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While it’s often been The New Division’s singles that have offered stand-out, celebratory moments, there’s something about hearing that refined disco sound draped across a full album that lends John Gleen Kunkel’s project a whole different face. New record ‘Gemini’ – which we’re premiering below – is proof of this again. Taken in singularity form, we have thirteen strong moments of icy, somewhat cryptic pop songs, but as a whole piece, Gemini is simply elevated; a concurrent exploration of darkened corners and wide open spaces, of fragile meanderings and hardened moments of steely euphoria.

From the blissful disco beat of Copycat to the emphatic delivery found on Golden Winter Child, ‘Gemini’ is a monumental record, built from the ground-up to reveal something hugely emphatic, it finds Kunkel in perhaps his most vivacious form to-date. Never pausing for breath or to take stock of its surroundings, it simply bursts in to life from the outset and continues that way until it runs out breath.

Released worldwide today, GoldFlakePaint is very pleased to bring you an exclusive full stream of the album – check it out below alongside Kunkel’s track-by-track guide to his new creation…


Album stream


Track-by-track guide

by john glenn kunkel

1) ii – The opener for the album. I was really inspired by Vangelis when I wrote this piece. My producer (FJ DeSanto) and I wanted to open this record with a lot of atmosphere.

2) Killer – This track was inspired lyrically by Depeche Mode’s “Everything Counts” but with a central character in mind that’s a murderer.

3) Gemini – The title track for the album, “Gemini” is about someone who’s both your friend and your enemy. In this case, the “friend” is really one’s self identity. You could say that the song is about the struggle between the good, evil, and mediocre forces that all fight for our attention within us. Our behavior, thoughts, and actions is somewhat determined by these competing identities.

4) Senseless – Senseless is about a wealthy arsonist who believes he’s doing good for the world by burning it down. His visions of the future, and his response to the current state of affairs leads him to believe everything needs to be destroyed to be built back up again.

5) Iris – When I wrote Iris I didn’t have anyone specific in mind. The song touches on a relationship where the person singing is attempting to lift his or her friend out of a troubling, drug-driven catastrophe. The song ultimately tries to talk about how beauty can be found behind the iris of one’s eye.

6) Introspective – This track is pretty straightforward in my opinion. Ironically, it was never meant to have any deep meaning despite the song’s title.

7) i – The start of Side B…

8) Alive – Oasis, U2, and Underworld inspired this track. I wanted to bring in the best of all three worlds into one track. The culmination of that effort was “Alive.”

9) Golden Winter Child – Probably the oldest song on the record, I wrote Golden Winter Child about 3 years ago but had no clue what to do with it once the music was written. I felt the lyrics for this song needed to be cold, “wintery,” and dark. From the time the music was written to the time the lyrics were completed, three years had passed.

10) Copycat – This one talks about a serial killer, namely a copycat. The lyrics are straightforward. This is probably my favorite song on “Gemini.”

11) Eyes – I wrote this song for my wife before we got married, and played it at our wedding. I tried my best to write it without it being too cliche, and I think it turned out beautiful.

12) Murder Shock – This song was inspired by british shoegaze and 90s britpop, blended subtly in with 80s new wave. I wanted to create a track that had incredible energy while remaining smooth and down-tempo.

13) Bloom – This song went through a lot of changes, but ultimately became what it is today due to the fact that it was placed as the last track on the record. “Bloom” has just about everything that makes this record important to me: atmosphere, emotion, dark valleys and uplifting peaks.


Gemini is released today. Purchase it here.


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