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The Music of Others

Glad Volume 1 


words by tom johnson

In simple terms, The Glad Cafe is a special kind of place. As with many venues, however, theirs is a story which runs deep and far and wide, with roots spreading across city, country, continent. A cultural hub in the Glasgow’s Southside, it’s the kind of place that feels like home to all manner of makers, musicians, and mere frequenters. Our own relationship goes a long way back, the peak of which saw us put on a three-day festival in collaboration with the venue back in 2015.

A few months ago The Glad Cafe discovered that it was facing closure if it couldn’t find £40,000 for repairs to the roof of the building it’s found its home within. To help raise the money, the venue started a crowd-funding rally with a variety of rewards attached and, thankfully, they made their target, saving the venue in the process.

One of the rewards on offer was the venue’s first release on a new label imprint Glorious Traces Recordings, named after their own festival, first held in 2016 and due to be reprised in 2019. That release comes to fruition today, in the form of ‘the music of others’ – a 22-track collection which sees a whole host of brilliant names covering each other’s songs, from C Duncan and eagleowl, to Modern Studies, Emma Pollock, Rick Redbeard, and many more.

The resulting record is one of quiet, inventive brilliance, something meaningful and familial, buoyed by community and alliance; a skewed map of a landscape you recognise but never quite understand.

Ahead of its full release next week, we’re very pleased to unveil the record in full here today. Stream it below right now and find out more about The Glad Cafe here.


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