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Stone Irr



words by tom johnson


“I challenged myself to write these songs as journal entries

immediate, knee-jerk reactions to moments in my life.”

There’s something unexpected about the way Stone Irr pens their songs; a sudden swooping harmony here, a gleaming leap in to the unknown there. Such things are immediately present from the very first moments of new album ‘Sinner‘, opening track “What I Do Best” opening with an unadorned, subtle voice before suddenly casting a golden glow that rushes forth, like the sun hitting at just the most prescient of moments.

Released this Friday via Darling Records, ‘Sinner’ is a wonderfully crafted effort, the personal nature of the work mirroring Stone Irr’s new chapter as they begin to find their feet in LA following a recent move from current musical hot-spot, Bloomington.

Billed as a record that chronicles “falling in love for the first time, dealing with my religious past, or mitigating my desire to move to a new city” the record is something of a meditative effort, an often-slow crawl through country-tinged vistas that take on varying shapes depending on the nature of the narrative. “For My Friends” is a gravel-voiced unraveling of guilt and friendship, “Muse” is a striking meeting of voices that gently and subtly captivates, while the stirring “In The Rain” offers something altogether more darker and immediate.

Best taken as one whole, enveloping chronicle, Sinner balances smart songwriting with a wholly compelling heart; the kind of record that quietly, over time, might well become something truly special. Have a listen to the whole thing below right now; it gets a full release this coming Friday.

‘Sinner’ out 7/28 via Darling Recordings – pre-order here:



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