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‘Life Like’


words by tom johnson

Autumn is a funny time for music listening. The shift in the season always catches us by surprise and we tend to heave ourselves in to a quest for a soundtrack to the new way of life, something to replace the hole left by the summer that disappeared long before we were ready, something to accompany that gut-churning realisation that the end of another year is approaching. As much as we mean to find such a thing by design, delving in to old albums that wilfully worked in previous years, it’s often simple circumstance that makes the desired connection; a chance meeting of time and place and music that all comes together just when you need it the most.

The first time I listened to Life Like, the new album from supergroup-of-sorts Slight – a collective featuring members of various GFP-faves including LVL Up, Cende, Porches, and Trace Mountains, among others – it was one of those mornings where the weight of the season seems to fit you like a cloak, and the record made for the most congruous of accompaniments, the gentle guitar-work and soft harmonies beautifully detailed, strung together like little strands of nostalgia and joy and discovery.

Chiefly led by Jim Hill, with adornments from the aforementioned players, Life Like is the full-length follow-up to Hill’s debut EP (suitably titled ‘Hate The Summer’), the record is said to have been inspired by Stephen Steinbrink’s equally captivating endeavours, but buried within the record’s exquisite ten tracks lies subtle nods to the likes of Teenage Fanclub an even Big Star; lofty comparisons but also something that makes total sense as this gem of a record quietly wraps it’s beautiful glow around you; a prolonged hibernation from the crumbling world outside.

Released in full this Friday, via Dadstache Records, we’re very pleased to present a full stream of the entire album today – and we highly recommend spending as much time as possible with it, via the stream below. Check it out…

‘Life Like’ is released on October 27th on Cassette/Download

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