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Sam Kogon

“Psychic Tears”


by tom johnson

Psychic Tears“, the new album from Brooklyn artist Sam Kogon, does more in its opening one minute and forty-five seconds than most other albums you’ll happen upon thus year. Said track, the warped instrumental that paves the way for the rest of his brilliant new record, instantly sets the tone for all that follows, framing the record with a psychedelic swirl of colours and patterns that instantly transfixes, dragging you deep inside Kogon’s world before you’re even had a chance to examine your surroundings.

Describing the record as a “painstakingly detailed work of modern-retro guitar pop” barely even scratches the surface of what’s found within, and, indeed, it’s often difficult to acutely described what’s going, given the dizzying effect that a number of these tracks induce. The Beatles comparisons will inevitably crop up, and lines can certainly be drawn to the work of The Shins and others of such ilk, however “Psychic Tears” is delivered with such adulterated passion that one can’t help but be blinkered towards a work of striking singularity.

An altogether ensemble work, the tracks here veer between effervescent baroque-pop and the more withdrawn moments; a sugar-sweet, heartfelt duet with Frankie Cosmos providing one of the album’s more restrained moments and sits as one of its most endearing numbers. Elsewhere, on tracks such as “I’m Letting Go” and “The Way To Talk To Boys”, the whole thing leaps with such youthful abandon it’s hard to view the world and our lives within it as anything but a vessel for opportune hedonism.

A sublime patchwork of influence and endeavour, “Psychic Tears” is a dynamic and exquisitely-produced trip through Kogon’s soulful, endlessly inventive mind – and it might well provide one of 2016’s most bold and valiant excursions. The whole thing is released this coming Friday, via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, but we’re very pleased to share a full stream of the album with you today. Check it out below.

“Psychic Tears” is released on October 28th, via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond


Tour Dates:

November 4: Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s All Right +
November 5: Washington, DC – Treehouse Lounge+
November 6: Boone, NC – BlackCat +
November 7: Atlanta, GA – Purgatory at The Masquerade +
November 8: Nashville, TN – The Basement +
November 9: Columbus, OH – Double Happiness
November 10: Chicago, IL – The Burlington
November 11: Windsor, OT – The Rondo
November 12: Toronto, OT – Baby G
November 13: Ithaca, NY – The Haunt

+= shows w/ Maybird



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