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Retail Space

“You Can Catch A Lobster With Eggs

But Not Egg Salad


by tom johnson

Many of us like to think that we actually can judge a book by its cover, despite the mantra that we all know so well. However, at first glance, you might well struggle to guess what lies inside You Can Catch a Lobster With Eggs But Not Egg Salad, the new Retail Space LP, due to that somewhat outrageous title. Dig in to the record, however, and it actually makes more sense that it first seems. Playful, ambiguous, puzzling, gleaming? Lobster is all of those things a more, and we’re very pleased to present an advanced listen to it, ahead of it’s full release on Friday, and it’s streaming in full below from today.

A gleaming burst of alt-pop, crafted by the Brooklyn-based duo of Isabelle Burnet and Jacob Rosse, the new record is a wonderfully vibrant journey; the colours and tones that glistened throughout the couple of tracks they shared in advanced reaching new and greater heights across the eleven track collection. While those singles offered an immediacy that was somewhat contagious, hearing them across the course of the whole record shows a new side to Retail Space; a kind of measured depth that slowly reveals itself as the record rolls on and on and on.

Pitched as a story about the end of a relationship between two people, with “one sinking into the depths of the sea and the other watching it from land”, the new record is suitably heartening; an adventurous sculpting of sentiments that reveals a little more with each and every listen. Check it out below right now.

The full album is released on Friday – you can buy it here

The band play the following live shows in Feb & March:

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